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People are loving their Bearwatch Systems fences.
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"I really like the fence. It gave us a good sense of comfort. The first night we had a bear walk up to camp and hit the fence while we were sleeping and it ran off."

— Larry (Missouri, USA)

"Really like your product! A friend had a different brand and yours was superior in every way."

— Peter (Alaska, USA)

"I really like the fence. It gave us a good sense of comfort. The first night we had a bear walk up to camp and hit the fence while we were sleeping and it ran off."

— Larry (Missouri, USA)

"Really like your product! A friend had a different brand and yours was superior in every way."

— Peter (Alaska, USA)

Portable electric bear fence set up around tent in Alaska

“Here is a picture of The Bearwatch System in place. Great quality and easy set up. No complaints.”

— Sonny (Alaska, USA)

"The bear fence worked. I did sleep better knowing I had it because my 15 year old daughter came with me on this trip. Here is a pic of it in use. We made camp as far as we could get up the river."

— Robert (British Columbia, Canada)

"First off, the fence came so fast! Ordering/shipping was a breeze. Second of all, Chris is a pretty impatient guy and neither of us is all that tech savvy. He used the fence and said it was so easy to set up. That's great because if there had been any challenges he would have probably tossed it aside in frustration and been grumpy about the whole thing. But it was zero frustration in setting up/using it. He said it gave him and his hiking friend such piece of mind while they slept. It was light weight, also a bonus because they packed in and wouldn't have been willing to carry it if it was too heavy or cumbersome. Chris and I also van camp, so I'll feel good having that available to use if we're out and I'm worried about the bears."

— Barb and Chris (Alberta, Canada)

"I purchased the Bearwatch system as I camp in an area that has a high bear population. This system is easy to set up and tear down plus it gives me the confidence to experience a restful night's sleep while in my tent. Prior to purchasing this system I experienced 'bearanoia' many times when waking up in the middle of the night or simply trying to fall asleep. 'Bearanoia' no more :) I must say I have not ever been threatened or attacked by a bear while camping so the Bearwatch system is simply for peace of mind while sleeping.
P.S. I really appreciate the support I received when a couple of the parts that came with my system needed replacement due to wear and tear and/or my own carelessness. Veronika went above and beyond to ensure I remain a satisfied customer!"

— Matt (Virginia, USA)

"I have used the system twice this fall so far hunting out a backcountry camp in Montana. It is light enough to justify packing in, set up is easy. I did a practice set up in the yard before I tried it for real in the field. I like that it has the volt reader tester to give me peace of mind it is set up correctly. I would recommend it to a friend and feel like it is made out of high quality materials. Thanks for supplying a great product."

— Ethan (Montana, USA)

"I would like to report how well your fence performed. Recently returned from a caribou hunt in the North Brooks Range of AK. Our spot was absolutely crawling with bears. We watched them try to get through the fence quite a few times without success. Thank you for making such a great product!"

— Joe (Alaska, USA)

Customer Camping Provincial Park with electric bear fence Bearwatch Systems

“Everything worked pretty great!
You guys have a great product and it certainly helps me feel more safe in the woods.”

— Brock (British Columbia, Canada)

Customer using electric bear fence around two backpacking tents - Bearwatch Systems

“Thanks very much! Excellent service. Great product.
Slept comfortably knowing grizzlies were around camp.”

— Greg (British Columbia, Canada)

"My name is Mischa, and I was the primary user of the Bearwatch system this summer for our organization. We used the fence on a daily basis for our 5 youth kayaking field courses in the Prince William Sound this summer. I was impressed by how well it worked in the rain and in the harsh conditions we faced. I'd recommend this product to anyone who spends time in bear country."

— Mischa, Anchorage Education Program Coordinator (Alaska, USA)

Customer using electric bear fence around large tent - Bearwatch Systems

"I live and camp in Colorado, USA. I bought this fence after we had a black bear in camp in the middle of the night. This kit offers a peace of mind. It's incredibly easy to setup and take down. We mostly car camp but I'd take it backpacking, too. We slept soundly for 3 nights knowing it was there. All the components feel sturdy; this a quality product that I expect to work well for the long haul. Additionally, the customer service is outstanding and responsive."

— Jon (Colorado, USA)

Customer using electric bear fence around small tent - Bearwatch Systems

"I was NOT eaten by a bear, thanks to you! We took our trip into grizzly country the day of July 9th. I can’t say enough about how pleased we were with your system. It was very simple to set up, it encompassed plenty of space for camp, and we all felt very secure at night."

— Michelle (Wyoming, USA)

“The bear fence worked and saved all our stuff. When we went for a ride yesterday, we were gone for several hours and came back to bear tracks and the fire pit rummaged. The bear didn’t touch the coolers or the tents inside the fence.”

— Gayle (Alberta, Canada)

“I have just returned from a successful moose hunt. The very first thing I saw after exiting my vehicle, a large grizzly track at our campsite. We set up camp and the Bearwatch System. Because we had driven to our site, we were able to use a car battery to run the system which was fantastic. We had no difficulty setting up the system. It was nice to be able to sleep or leave the campsite with peace of mind knowing that the fence was in place. I do love the fact that the system is so light and compact, you could easily tie this to the outside of a fully packed backpack without even knowing that it was there.”

— Johnathon (Alberta, Canada)

“I want to thank you for creating Bearwatch Systems for backpackers! I brought it with me in my recent trip in the mountains and it made me feel much safer and contributed to make my trip more pleasant!”

— Marie-Lou (Quebec, Canada)

“We set up our system a couple of days after picking it up. It protects my two bee hives. The day after getting it set up I noticed a bear running in my direction away from the bear watch system towards my two barking dogs. I have to assume it met the new electric fence. It has returned a few times, but has not gone near the bees.”

— Lisa (British Columbia, Canada)

Bearwatch Systems Electric Bear Fence set up around tents while hunting

“It worked great.
It brought peace of mind.
We had bears in camp and had no issues.”

— Brady (Utah, USA)

“I bought this bear fence for a trip to Gates of the Arctic National Park in Alaska. We were flown to a remote part of the park and spent a week backpacking in the Brooks Range mountains. The area has both brown and black bears. Based on previous bear encounters while camping in Alaska, despite having followed good camp practices, I bought this fence for peace of mind at night. I also really liked the idea that an electric fence automatically gives a bear a negative association with humans rather than solely relying on my human responses in a stressful moment to be correct. I think this makes for a safer experience for the next group of people who may camp in this area and helps the bear not become problematic. This certainly shouldn't be a replacement for good bear country practices but is a great tool to use in conjunction with things like keeping all food secure in a bear container stored outside camp, cooking away from camp, etc. We did have a juvenile male brown bear wander into our camp. He came within 20 yards of the fence and lingered for a while in the general area despite us trying to scare him away. Without the fence I would have definitely not slept at all that night. I don't know if he came back during the night but knowing we had the electric fence was great. Overall, the fence was compact, light, and easy to set up. Thanks for the great product!”

— Megan (Wisconsin, USA)

Bearwatch Systems electric bear fence set up around camping tents in Alaska

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