Our Story

Bearwatch Systems, established in 2019, is driven by the mission of enabling outdoor enthusiasts to venture deeper into the wild while reducing the concern of encountering wildlife.

Bearwatch Systems Company Founders

From the Founders

We’ve spent many days, and nights, exploring the great outdoors that the Pacific Northwest has to offer. But, with high bear populations in our area, we found ourselves wishing we had some protection while sleeping in our tent at night. We wanted an economical, lightweight, but adequately powerful electric deterrent system to take with us on our adventures. So we developed Bearwatch to meet our requirements — designed for backpacking and exploring.

 Our Mission

Bearwatch is committed to making a positive contribution on the conservation efforts where humans share bear territories. We do this by providing hikers and campers with an additional layer of protection* when you are at your most vulnerable; asleep in your tent.

*Bearwatch system should be used in conjunction with all other precautions and diligence when exploring bear country.

Hiking in Vancouver, British Columbia - Bearwatch Systems Company Founders